In the wake of the election, a common response to “why did we lose” was “you never bothered to understand us.” When Bannon accuses elites in NYC of having more in common with people who live in London and Berlin than those in Kansas and Oklahoma, he’s not wrong. I’ve spent some time in London, it’s one of my favorite cities, and given the choice I’d pick spending six months in Berlin over six months in Kansas city in a heartbeat.

I don’t care whether you, gentle reader, want to compromise with the other side or crush them. I think that every goal is easier when you understand what you are dealing with, and to that end I have made this blog, to give you all a regular measure and sense of what Trump supporters and allies think. I’m focusing on primary sources because that’s how I prefer to learn: there are plenty of thinkpieces analyzing “the Trump voter”: I prefer a slightly more data-focused approach.